Polyurethane Concrete UCRETEs



+ Thermal Resistance -40c up to +120c
+ Chemical Resistance (up to 150 kinds)
+ Anti – static
+ Wear & Crack Resistance
+ Fast Installation
+ Any system of cleaning are applicable
+ eg. Steam (Tested by Campden)
+ Hygienic Approval from EU USDA Champden & CEBT
+ ISO 9002 Approval
+ up to 40 countries references
+ up to 50 projects of references in Thailand

+ HACCP Certified for Food-Safe Flooring Surface

Polyurethane Concrete UCRETEs Download File


The Users

+Food Industry
+Chemical Industry
+Metal Processing
+Water Industry
+Pulp and paper



UCRETE polyurethane concrete floors are the toughest floors… for the most demanding industrial
environments. Developed and patented in the late 1960’s UCRETE flooring systems combine the
toughness and chemical resistance of polyurethane with the durability and heat resistance of
concrete. Wherever floor surfaces are exposed to corrosive attack and heavy traffic
UCRETE flooring provides the most cost-effective solution.

UCRETE flooring…the benefits.

Long Life

+ Wear resistance to heavy traffic…even steelwheeled trolleys. Abrasion resistance double that of concrete.
+ Heat resistance to temperatures from -40°c to 120°c UCRETE floor will not de-laminate due to stresses caused by thermal shock or repeated cycling.
+Impact resistant. UCRETE floors will yield plastically-not crack or craze. This resistance is maintained even at freezer-room temperatures.

Hygiene and Safety

+ Approvals. UCRETE floors meet all the requirements of EC directives on food plant hygiene and those of US regulatory agencies.
+ Slip resistant. Profiled grades are slip-resistant even when wet.
+ Easy to clean. UCRETE floors can be cleaned with almost all industrial detergents and sterilants, high pressure water jets or live steam (at 9mm thickness or above)

+ Chemical resistance (up to ISO kind). UCRETE floors have a wider range of resistance to chemicals and solvents than any other resin floor. The resistance is maintained through the total thickness, it is not dependent on a thin seal coat
+ Non-tainting. No tainting of foodstuffs by the finished floor 12 hours after application.
+ Monolithic. Jionts are minimised. Less accumulation of dirt and bacteria.
+ Non-dusting.

Expert Installation

+ UCRETE floors are laid only by licenced applicators fully trained in the correct handing, mixing and application techniques.

Fast Application

+ Moisture tolerant. Can be laid onto 7day old concrete. On some polymer screeds application after 2 days is possible.
+ Cures rapidly. Can be walk on after 8 hours and in full service after 24 hours at 15-20°c