MasterSeal Roof 3500

MasterSeal Roof 3500 – Roof slab crack-bridging waterproofing system

What is MasterSeal Roof 3500?

MasterSeal Roof 3500 is a liquid applied, crack bridging roof waterproofing system based on advanced polymeric materials. It consists of a primer, an elastomeric waterproofing membrane, and a UV-resistant topcoat. The seamless coating has an attractive, UV and weather-resistant finish which is easy to clean and maintain.

How does MasterSeal Roof 3500 work?

MasterSeal Roof 3500 provides a crack bridging and UV stable membrane that ensures that water does not penetrate the roof. MasterSeal Roof 3500 is based on hand applied moisture curing membranes and topcoats.

What makes MasterSeal Roof 3500 a unique solution?

MasterSeal Roof 3500 meets the needs of customers who need to waterproof concrete roof slabs and will have occasional foot traffic.

MasterSeal Roof 3500 Download File


How can you benefit from MasterSeal Roof 3500?

  • Crack bridging – Copes with existing cracks
  • Long life – UV and weather-resistant
  • Easy to apply – using roller or squeegee and simple prestriping of cracks or joints
  • Reactive spray application – faster and easier application over large areas
  • Versatile – can be applied to a variety of substrates using selected primers
  • Attractive appearance – colours available
  • Easy to clean and maintain – Very low dirt retention

MasterSeal Roof 3500 is multi-layered system and is composed of:

  • Primer
  • Membrane
  • Topcoat

Primer: Selection of the right primer depends upon the substrate to which membrane is being applied.

Membrane: Two-component solvent-free, highly reactive waterproofing membrane that can only be applied by special, two-component spray equipment – MasterSeal M 800 / MasterSeal M 820

Top Coat: Single component low solvent, pigmented, moisture curing, UV and weather-resistant, protective topcoat based on high-quality aliphatic polyurethane prepolymers – MasterSeal TC 258 / MasterSeal 259