MasterSeal Roof 3000

MasterSeal Roof 3000 – Liquid applied crack-bridging waterproofing membrane for exposed situations

How does MasterSeal Roof 3000 work?

MasterSeal Roof 3000​ provides a crack bridging and UV stable membrane that ensures that water does not penetrate the roof. MasterSeal Roof 3000 is based on hand-applied moisture curing membranes and topcoats.

MasterSeal Roof 3000 Download File


MasterSeal Roof 3000 is a multi-layered roof waterproofing system consisting of:

  • Primer
  • Membrane
  • Topcoat

Primer: Two-component epoxy-based primer, MasterEmaco P 2525 or MasterSeal P 2525

Membrane: One component flexible and elastic polyurethane membrane, MasterSeal M 640

Topcoat: One component aliphatic polyurethane topcoat, MasterSeal TC 640

What makes MasterSeal Roof 3000 a unique solution?

MasterSeal Roof 3000 meets the needs of customers who need to waterproof concrete roof slabs and will have occasional foot traffic.

How can you benefit from MasterSeal Roof 3000?

  • Crack bridging – copes with existing cracks
  • Long life – UV and weather-resistant
  • Easy to apply – using roller or squeegee and simple prestriping of cracks or joints
  • Attractive appearance – colors available
  • Easy to clean and maintain – very low dirt retention​