MasterSeal 530

MasterSeal 530 – Surface applied capillary waterproofing for concrete and mortar

How does MasterSeal 530 work?

MasterSeal 530 consists of a blend of moisture-activated chemicals, high-grade silica aggregates and selected cements. It waterproofs through the formation and development of crystals in water bearing capillaries and interstices, effectively blocks the further passage of water and ensures permanent water tightness of the structure.

MasterSeal 530 Download File


Where you can use MasterSeal 530?
MasterSeal 530 is recommended for areas such as:

  • static construction joints (new construction);
  • water tanks and towers, reservoirs, dams, canals;
  • water treatment works, harbours;
  • concrete pipes, sumps, foundations;
  • retaining walls, life shafts;
  • sea defence walls, bridge decks, jetties, pontoons.