ISOLATEK Type WB 3 is a water-based, Intumescent Fire Resistive Material (IFRM) consisting of polyvinyl acetate resins and inorganic fillers designed for the fire protection of interior structural steel.
ISOLATEK Type WB 3 gives architects the ability to design using steel that can be decorative and aesthetically pleasing. It can be top coated to match its surroundings and allows steel to be left exposed to view while providing the fire resistance rating.


• Water based intumescent coating with low VOC’s
• Semi smooth architectural finish
• Can be finished with a wide variety of topcoat types and colors
• Quick, easy application and clean up
• Wide range of testing
• 3-hour rated UL protected floor assembly
• Provides up to 4-hour fire resistance ratings in accordance with ANSI/UL 263, ASTM E119, CAN/ULC-S101 and BS 476 Parts 20-21


It is important for fire protection materials to be able to withstand abuse. American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) test methods are used to evaluate the performance of intumescent materials when subjected to these various physical forces. ISOLATEK Type WB 3 has been evaluated to meet rigorous industry test standards.

* Values represent independent laboratory tests under controlled conditions.




ISOLATEK Type WB 3 has been extensively tested for fire resistance and is rated for up to 4 hours for floor assemblies, beams, and columns.
• Classified by UL in accordance with ANSI/UL 263 (ASTM E119)
• Classified by UL in accordance with CAN/ULC-S101 (ASTM E119)
• Tested to BS 476 Parts 20-21
ISOLATEK Type WB 3 has also been tested for surface burning characteristics in accordance with ASTM E84 and is rated Class A.

Flame Spread …..0                          Smoke Developed …..20


ISOLATEK Type WB 3 satisfies the requirements of the following:
• City of Los Angeles (LADBS, Category 1 Material)
• NBC – National Building Code of Canada
• ICC-ES, AC23 and AC10 Requirements (UL ER13348-01)


ISOLATEK Type WB 3 complies with the requirements of the following specifications:
• MasterSpec®, Section 078123 APPLIED FIREPROOFING (AIA)
• Master Format® 2014, Section 07 81 00 Applied Fireproofing (CSC, CSI)
• Unified Facilities Guide Specification, UFGS 07 81 00 Spray-Applied Fireproofing (USACE, NAVFAC, AFCEC, NASA)
• Master Construction Specifications, Number 07 81 00 Applied Fireproofing (VA)
• Code of Federal Regulations, Title 40 Protection of the Environment (EPA)
• PBS-P100, Facilities Standards for the Public Buildings Services (GSA)


• A compatible primer must be applied to the steel substrate. Refer to the Primers for ISOLATEK Intumescent Fireproofing Technical Data Sheet.
• ISOLATEK Type WB 3 can be brushed or sprayed, not rolled and is also available in a trowel grade formulation (ISOLATEK Type WB 3 TG).
• The applied thickness of ISOLATEK Type WB 3 will depend upon the specified fire rating and size / shape of the steel member to be protected.
• If desired, a finish coat may be applied in the desired color and finish directly over ISOLATEK Type WB 3 in accordance with the guidelines noted in our Finish Coat Materials Technical Data Sheet.