Epoxy Degaforces

Epoxy Resins for Industrial Flooring
And Surface Protection
Resin by JJ.degussa
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Meet the Toughest Demands

State-of the Art Polymer Solutions

Modern work environments demand durability,
Appearance and cost effective value in concrete floor
coating systems. Degaforce high performance coating
provide optimum chemical and wear resistance, and
aesthetic, attractive solutions for every application.
Degaforce coatings are easy to install and are readily
available in a wide variety of colors, fish options and
on a special custom basis.

Degaforce high performance coating systems deliver
performance and beauty in one easy system. Our full
line of advanced floor coatings provide the best
finished floor surface for any application

High Performance Meets Versatility

Degaforce coating are the choice among architects,
contractors, building owners and managers for high
performance solutions that meet their exact needs.

Our coating are available in a versatile palette of colors
and finish options ranging from smooth, high gloos
coatings to seeded systems that provide positive non-slip
footing, increased thickness and improved durability.
Utilize different combinations of primers, coatings,
toppings and sealers to create almost an effect. Whether
the design requires subtle, transitional styling or a bold,
dramatic scheme, Degaforce coating systems provide
the fine art of high performance floors.