DEGADUR Poly Methacrylate

Methacrylate Resins for Industrial Flooring
And Surface Protection

Meets the Toughest Demands Coating systems for industrial floors and surface protection are nowadays state of the art. Such coatings may substantially prolong the service lives
of buildings by protecting them against wear or corrosion

Degussa AG’s Business Unit Rohm Specialty Acrylics Offers DEGADUR methacrylate resins for industrial Floor coatings that have proved their outstanding Properties over many decades.

Users and contractors place increasingly stringent Demands on the quality of modern flooring systems.

The user above all expects durability, reliable Resistance to environmental influences and to wear And tear, and most importantly, minimal disruption Of day-to-day operations while the floor is being laid. This requirement can be met by ensuring that the coating work is rapidly performed.

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DEGADUR  saves money through much shorter Downtimes and durable quality during application.

The contractor is mainly interested in keeping man-hours down and having the shortest possible intervals between the individual processing steps. Time is money, and time savings give contractors The desired competitive edge.

Another essential advantage for the contractor is The possibility of laying the floor at the most varied temperatures, whether in the heat of summer or in the freezing cold of unheated buildings – even in cold stores where arctic temperatures prevail all year round.

DEGADUR meets all these requirements.


The open Secret of the Fast-Curing System

DEGADUR reins are solvent-free,cold-curing methacrylate resins. The liquid DEGADUR resins require the addition of a peroxide hardener in order to cure (i.e.for polymerisation).

No other synthetic resin system cures anything like as Quickly or over a comparably wide from all other ncomparable resin systems above all in their curing mechanism. This is what enables floors coated with DEGADUR to cure completely within one to two Hours at 20 C,i.e. to be ready for a lifetime of resistance to mechanical and chemical stress.

The successive coating steps (priming, coating,sealing) can be performed with DEGADUR after minimum waiting times.

DEGADUR cures rapidly even at low temperatures, e.g. after only a few hours at –10 C. If specially adjusted, the coating can even cure at – 30 C. No other synthetic resin system offers this advantage. The excellent properties in use of the DEGADUR coating are preserved even when it is applied at extremely low temperatures.