Bitec Aluminum Panel Ceiling Grill Louver

BITEC®Aluminium Decoration

Aluminium Ceiling

Aluminum Ceiling has been getting good recognition as superior decoration material for its multi advantages such as damp resistance, sound absorption, high durability and being friendly to environment. Our product, ceiling is made of superior quality aluminum with the processes of precise punching, forming, surface
preservative treatment, painting, and lastly solidification under high temperature. Our ceiling is available with rich sizes, patterns and colors with qualified suspension systems to tender various customer needs.

Aluminium Grill

Aluminium grills are suitable for a wide range of applications such as doors, windows, partitions, balconies, railings, furniture and decorative false ceilings. They are suitable for any environment, whether for domestic, industrial or commercial use. These grills are lightweight yet stronger and more resilient than steel. Moreover, theee grills are not prone to rusting as iron or steel are. Aluminium grills are extremely difficult to cut bend or break. Aluminum grills has widespread usage in residential housing, industrial housing, industrial projects, factories and in the public utilities system like post offices, railways, stadiums etc.

Aluminium Louver

In addition to enhancing the appearance of your building, aluminium sun louver or sunscreens greatly reduce solar glare and, potentially, air conditioning costs. With the use of aluminium sunscreens, it is calculated that 20% – 50% of the net heat gain caused by sunlight striking clear or tinted glass can be avoided. Due to their strength and light weight, Our range of sun louver allow designs with less need for heavy support structures. This, in turn, creates the potential for valuable construction savings.

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