Alutech Aluminium Composites


ALUTECH and Alutech Fr are aluminium composite panels consisting of polyethylene core or non-combustible mineral core respectively, sandwiched between aluminium outer layers the panels are available in a variety of sizes and various colors in a choice of polyester based paint or PVDF paint dependant on
the type of application, project and location. Alutech is widely used in building and signage industries due to its versatility and the ease of use. It is becoming the material of choice; its modern appearance and longevity, combined with a vast color range make it a perfect building material for numerous applications.


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ALUTECH Aluminium Composite Panel of excellent quality, durability and super strength. A laboratory is maintained with latest testing facilities to strictly check the quality of materials and final product Alutech panels conscious technical experts to meet international standard specifications ASTM and similar.

Applications of ALUTECH ACP

1) Exterior curtain of the building

2) Furnishing both walls outside and inside of new and old buildings,

3) Decoration wallboard of the tunnels, indication board, front wall

4) Shop fitting and design

5) Industrial application

6) Partitioning, wall linings

7) Sign making

Advantages of ALUTECH

High peeling : ALUTECH is linked under high temperature with polyolefin strength film material, and under the strict process control, the panel has high peeling strength.

Superior weather :  The aluminum sheet coated with PVDF, the coating has superiorities in corrosion resistance and high resistance of ultraviolet. When exposed to the tropical sunshine of frigid snowstorm, the panel can keep 20 years without fading andexcellent resistance to ultraviolet.

Fireproof : ALUTECH Fr the core layer of panel is anti-toxic polyethylene material, which have the combustion resistance property. Front and back layer are made of aluminum which is difficult to be burnt, so ALUTECH have good fireproof and comply with the ‘fireproof demand of building.

Easy maintain : Neutral cleaner and water are enough for cleaning the surface of ALUTECH several years later. After clean out, it looks like the new one.

Simply installation : Because of light weight, easily cutting milling, slotting and curving, ALUTECHcan be easy installed. It can raise working efficiency and save cost.

Impact resistance : ALUTECH has high impact resistance and toughness. The aluminum sheet layer won’t be crashed when bending, and the core layer has high toughness, the panel wont be damaged when suffering strong blows.

Lightweight : Lightweight, extreme rigidity and flatness resulting in an economical option for high quality building facades and interior.