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Aluminium Ceiling

Aluminium Ceiling has been getting good recognition as superior
decoration material for Its multi advantages such as damp
resistance e, sound absorption, high durability and being friendly to
Our product, ceiling is made of superior quality aluminium with
the processes s of precise pun nching, forming g, surface preservative
treatment, painting, and lasty solidification under high temperature.
Our ceiling is available with rich sizes, patterns and colours with
qualified suspension systems to tender various customer needs.

Aluminium Cladding

In addition to enhancing the appearance of your building, aluminium
cladding greatly reduce solar glare and, potentially, air conditioning
costs. With the use of aluminium claddin ng, it is caiculated that 20%
50% of the net heat gain caused by sunlight striking clear or
tinted glass can be avoided, Due to their strength and light weight,
Our rang ge of cladding allow desi signs with less r need for heavy
support structures. This, in turn, creates the potential for valuable
construction savings.