About Us

Welcome to bitec enterprise

Bitec Enterprise Group, established in 1996, unites a number of companies with specialized experience in a wide range of fields and highly skilled personnel to provide architectural and engineering services with ISO 9001:2015 certified

Bitec Enterprise Ltd. is engineering teams with a proven record of high performance and continual development, especially in construction work including industrial equipment, industrial products, supply and installation.

Today provides superior workmanship, diverse expertise and strong technical knowledge. We emphasizes satisfactory service to customers, regard to their employees and shareholders, and responsibility to the public. With a strong commitment to quality, our primary objective, is thus to meet the complete satisfaction of our customers.

  • Our Commitment

    We are fully staffed with highly skilled personnel and the best selection of equipment to complete any of your work.

    - Customer satisfaction is our primary objective
    - We set forth high quality architectural and engineering standards
    - We work hard to complete customers’ projects on time and within budget
    - We willingly offer quality assurance and services to our customers after work is completed

  • Market Outlook

    With our rapid business growth, visionary management, well-trained workforce and innovative creative teams, we have the potential to provide any customized services that you are looking for.

    Commercial Construction

    Bitec Enterprise Ltd. has expertise in office building, housing, convenience stores, apartments and resorts. Knowing that we are committed to excellence, you can rely on us to work through the many challenges of your project.

    General Industries

    Our innovation and advanced engineering have made us one of the leading contractors in industry, providing a range of work for warehouse and factories.

    Specific Construction

    With our long proven and extensive experience, we have been entrusted with numerous construction projects as a subcontractor for high-rise buildings, mass-manufacturing plants, power plants, MRT, bridges, etc.

  • Efficient Service Provision

    We at Bitec Enterprise Ltd. have proven that success is driven by an idea : “The business cornerstone of any project depends on a close cooperative relationship becomes, the better the outcome the project attains.

    Having established a high reputation domestically, we are ceaselessly expanding our knowledge base with a strong emphasis on the ever increasing construction demands in the hi-tech commercial and industrial sector.

  • Working With Our Clients

    Our services now range from providing sound advice to the financing and supplying of total management systems for architectural and engineering services. We also operate in both commercial and general industry sectors.

    Our engineers continually create innovative and long-lasting engineering solutions to meet our clients’ satisfaction conforming to our above-mentioned motto and also to the foundation ot our business success which is, “Customer satisfaction always comes first.”

    Meanwhile, understanding and managing any impacts on the environment during production processes has always been an integral part of the way in which we operate our business.